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Naturalistic Induction
By Doug O'Brien
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Naturalistic Induction

All right, let's begin.
please close your eyes
take a few deep breaths or two
and relax
just feel your back sinking back
into the back of the chair
feel your arms resting comfortably
on the arm rests
pay attention to your breath
without doing the breathing
you can rest assured that your body
knows how to do that for you and
will continue to do so   now
as you listen to the sound of my voice
feel your self breathing in... and out... (timed to their breaths)
and notice the warmth* of the air (*or coolness - depending on air temp)
you can be aware or not of the sounds of the room
it's nice to begin to appreciate
that you have a conscious mind
and an unconscious mind
and while your conscious mind
can be aware of the feeling
of that hand
or that foot
or the sounds of my words
your unconscious mind is aware of far more
your unconscious mind is aware of everything
happening here and now
and everything that has ever happened to you
and it's nice to know
that your conscious mind is very smart  and
your unconscious mind also learns in a variety of ways  so
you really can just let it
do the work for you
for a while
while you
let go
that's right
let go
nothing is important right now
except enjoying that feeling
of trance
that feeling
flowing throughout your body
and wondering if that hand
or the other
is becoming heavier that the first
or which leg
is sinking more deeply
into the cushion
of the floor
and the attention can meld
and you find yourself
attending less to the sounds
of my words
and more to the space
in between my sentences
you can focus on the relative silence
between the words
like focusing on the spaces of light
in between the branches of a tree
instead of the tree itself
looking at the space
and the shape of the space
between the branches
or like diving into a pool of crystal clear water
in between the sides of a pool
you float in the space
in between
letting your unconscious   soak  in
any and every positive suggestion
thought or idea
that I offer you
while you   just     drift
more and more comfortably
into trance

Copyright (C) 2006 www.Ericksonian.info

This script is copyright protected.

This script is intended for educational purposes only. It is not meant to serve as a suggested therapeutic intervention. Rather, it is intended only as general illustration of hypnotic phrasing. This script is designed as supplemental to other sources of academic and professional training. All rights are retained by the author of the script and must not be reproduced, distributed or recorded without the expressed written permission of the author.


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